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$2000 Sign On Bonus

Do you feel joy when you are around young children? Imagine getting to be a part of a child’s early years where they are growing and learning so much. If this sounds like a job you might fall in love with, please apply. We are excited to show you what a difference an Early Childhood Educator can make!

Getting Started
  1. Fill out our on-line application
  2. Receive an email with preliminary questions
  3. Conduct an over the phone interview
  4. Conduct an in-person interview which includes a tour, time for questions and answers, along with a classroom observation

Available Positions

Select a position below to learn more

Lead Teacher

By being a Lead Teacher at Early Advantage, you will create a classroom environment full of learning opportunities and excitement. Each child will have you as their safe keeper and guide to all growth and learning moments.

Assistant Teacher

When you become an Assistant Teacher at Early Advantage, you become the supportive glue that helps build even stronger relationships between your teammates and the children in your care.

Kitchen Manager In-Training

Do you believe we are what we eat? If so, you know how important nutrition is.

Kitchen Aide

We are looking for someone who enjoys working in a fast-paced kitchen environment. You will have time to work independently while also being a part of a team.

Teacher’s Aide

Do you love making a difference? At Early Advantage, you will make a difference each day in the lives of the children you care for.


Anyone 14 years or older is eligible for this position.  It is a great first job and can be very flexible with working as many hours or as few hours as you want. 

What sets Early Advantage apart
  • Beautifully updated facility and playgrounds!
  • 10 incredible classrooms, and teacher prep offices
  • Staff lounge, including private outdoor staff patio
  • Outdoor classroom space
  • Smart Boards in our Preschool and PreK classrooms
  • Resources readably available
  • Locally owned and operated
  • On-site behavioral specialist
  • Collaboration with our team members
  • Advancement opportunities with career goal assistance
  • We look at behavior through a Conscious Discipline lens
  • Use Creative Curriculum and Frog Street Curriculum
  • When you join Early Advantage, you become part of the family!
Working at Early Advantage
  • Options for FOUR DAY work week
  • $2,000 Sign-On Bonus for Lead Teacher
  • $1,000 Sign-On Bonus for Teacher’s Aid (full-time)
  • $500 Sign-On Bonus for Teacher’s Aid (part-time)
  • Yearly retention bonus between $500 and $3000 based on level of education
  • $100 Clothing Stipend
  • 6 Paid Holidays
  • 12 paid personal days off each year
  • Paid Time Off/Sick Pay
  • Flexible scheduling – Part-time & Full-time options available
  • Paid Training
  • Paid Training Wages
  • Supplemental Insurance Plan
  • Professional Development & Training
  • Compensation is based on level of education and experience
  • One-week Free Time Share anywhere in the world every 5 years of services
  • Professional Development Assistance
  • Retirement Plan with up to a 3% match
  • Life Insurance
  • Discount at our local gym
  • Beauty Reimbursement – We will reimburse you once a year for nails, hair, etc.
  • Body Health – We offer a yearly massage on us, chiropractor visits, etc.
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