Pre-Kindergarten Child Care

Our pre-kindergarten program is expertly designed to prepare your child for the upcoming switch to kindergarten. With a more organized environment and a carefully designed curriculum, your child will be able to master all the necessary skills for academic success. Each program is tailored to fit the needs of your child and focuses not only on academic success but social, emotional, physical, and intellectual success as well. Multi-sensory learning stations and activities are incorporated throughout the day to encourage your child to learn naturally through purposeful play, teacher-led activities, questioning, and repetition.

Your Child’s Care Includes

  • Multi-sensory learning stations to learn and explore
  • Developing new friendships and building self-awareness
  • Early science and math skills through guided activities
  • Developing language skills through songs and reading
  • Gaining independence for the transition to kindergarten
  • Educational computer activities to enhance lessons
  • Ongoing communications with families to support communication
Our Pre-K Child Care Classroom

Our pre-kindergarten classroom is set up to prepare your child to be mentally, emotionally, and physically inclined to learn. With our curriculum plans, learning becomes a fun and engaging experience, eliminating common frustrations. New information is reinforced through repetition, multi-sensory learning experiences, brain-stimulating programs, physical activities, and confidence-boosting methods. Your child will learn to expand their vocabulary through connecting sounds and letters, practice early math and science concepts, and explore their creative side with a variety of art activities. Our staff ensures that each child’s learning is exclusive to their needs and makes sure that their individual strengths shine. 

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