Preschool Child Care

At Early Advantage, we understand that learning starts early. Our Preschool Child Care program is tailored to meet each child’s individual needs while building their self-esteem and expanding their blossoming social skills. Along with structured activities, we also encourage independent exploration and active playtimes helping to improve their emerging problem-solving skills. Some of the many things we teach in our preschool program are letters and sounds, numbers and counting, colors shapes and objects, cutting and drawing, socializing, and learning to share.

Preschool Room

Your Child’s Care Includes

  • Purposful playtime designed to enhance emergent skills
  • Outdoor activities to stimulate large motor skills
  • Pre-emergent literacy, math, and science activities 
  • Social and emotional guidance 
  • Brain stimulating programs taught with sight, touch, and sound
  • Building relationships with other children
  • Self-care such as washing hands and using the bathroom
  • Leaning about healthy foods through nutritious snacks and lunches
Our Preschool Child Care Sample Schedule
6:00am to 7:45Free Play
7:45 to 8:00Clean up and Bathroom
8:00 to 8:20Morning snack
8:20 to 8:45Wash and Bathroom
8:30 to 9:30Outside time
9:30 to 9:45Wash and Bathroom
9:45 to 10:00Circle Time
10:00 to 10:45Learning Centers
10:45 to 11:00Clean up and Wash
11:00 to 11:20Lunch
11:20 to 11:30Wash and Bathroom
11:30 to 11:50Puzzles and Books
11:50 to 12:00Story Time
12:00 to 2:20Naps, Books, and Quiet Activities
2:20 to 2:30Wash and Bathroom
2:30 to 2:50Afternoon Snack
2:50 to 3:00Wash and Bathroom
3:00 to 4:00Outside
4:00 to 4:15Wash and Bathroom
4:15 to 4:30Circle Time
4:30 to 5:15Learning Centers
5:15 to 6:00Free Play
Other programs:

Early Advantage - Infant Child Care

Infant Child Care

Our Infant room is completely remodeled and ready for a ruckus!

Early Advantage - Toddler Child Care

Toddler Child Care

As your child’s personality forms, we believe in promoting independence and encouraging a healthy self esteem.

Early Advantage - PreK Child Care

PreK Child Care

In our preschool program, we foster a learning environment to mix play with education.

Early Advantage - Drop-In Child Care

Drop-In Child Care

Our Drop-In Child Care offers flexible and coordinated daily drop offs for your child ages 6 weeks through school age.

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