Frog Street Curriculum

Frog Street Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based program developed by early childhood experts to help students build a solid foundation for lifelong learning. 

It offers an early childhood solution that combines active learning and rigorous instruction across all developmental domains.

By providing developmentally-appropriate instruction and activities, Frog Street Curriculum focuses on providing learning opportunities that meet the unique needs of each individual child.

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Frog Street Curriculum focuses on four main areas:

  • Understanding how our emotions impact our behavior
  • Shifting discipline to become an opportunity to learn new skills
  • Creating a culture of compassion and building connections with others
  • Problem solving with social-emotional learning (SEL)

Conscious Discipline Curriculum

The conscious discipline curriculum empowers your child to be aware of their actions and themselves. Through this self-regulation, your child can practice the skills to manage their actions, feelings, and thoughts.

The curriculum focuses on 7 skills of discipline and teaches your child to respond to conflict more effectively.

With these skills, your child will learn to stay in control and can successfully take these skills with them into adulthood.

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Conscious Discipline Curriculum focuses on four main areas:

  • Understanding how our emotions impact our behavior
  • Shifting discipline to become an opportunity to learn new skills
  • Creating a culture of compassion and building connections with others
  • Problem solving with social-emotional learning (SEL)

Second Step Curriculum

Second Step is a holistic curriculum that encourages the social-emotional development of your child. Skills such as conflict resolution, making good decisions, working with others, and forming relationships are the building blocks that your child is taught with this curriculum.

Social-emotional skills are crucial for your child to thrive in the classroom by making them more comfortable and receptive to learning.

With this curriculum, your children can practice these skills daily through teacher led activities, group play, and reinforcement of concepts throughout the day.

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Second Step Curriculum focuses on four main areas:

  • Social emotional learning
  • Confidence and working well with others
  • Making better decisions
  • How to resolve conflicts and form friendships

Learning Without Tears Curriculum

Developed by an occupational therapist in 1977, the Learning Without Tears curriculum has evolved into a program that incorporates play-based learning and active participation to help young learners. The concepts used in this curriculum help get children ready for kindergarten by teaching math, science, reading, and social studies. By incorporating a variety of tools such as hands on activities and educational digital apps, your child will learn school-ready skills in a variety of ways.

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Learning Without Tears teaches the following:

  • Learning through play, multisensory activities, and Educational digital apps
  • Research-based curriculum proven to help children prepare for school.
  • Students build pre-writing and emergent writing skills.

S.M.A.R.T. Curriculum

Stimulating Maturity Through Accelerated Readiness Training (aka S.M.A.R.T.) is a brain stimulating approach to learning. Using this approach, your child will learn readiness skills through repetition.

With frequency, intensity, and duration your child learns by seeing, hearing, and touching things many times.

With S.M.A.R.T., vision, kinesthetic, and auditory pathways in the brain are matured through repetitive stimulation in order to prepare your child for elementary school.

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S.M.A.R.T. Curriculum focuses on four main areas:

  • Teaching children to learn through repetition
  • Encourages brain stimulation
  • It offers a multi-sensory approach to learning
  • Boosts physiological readiness skills

Baby Doll Circle Time Curriculum

Baby Doll Circle Time is an early childhood development program designed to foster communication, social skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities through the use of baby dolls and other sensory props.

It includes activities that focus on developing language, math and science, music and movement, and sensory play. The curriculum is tailored for use by early childhood educators, childcare providers, and parents of young children.

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Baby Doll Circle Time focuses on the following areas:

  • Sharing, problem solving, self-regulation, and teamwork
  • Direct eye contact for better communication
  • Learning to be present in the moment
  • Appropriate and gentle touch
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