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Children do some of their most significant learning in their first five years of life.  In no other stage of life does an individual have the potential of learning as they do during these early years.

These early years set up the foundation for the rest of the child’s life.  That is why we firmly believe it is a crucial time for a child to have as many opportunities as possible which help them reach their full developmental potential.

In order to cultivate the child’s potential we provide a program which will engage children in the natural process of learning.

The main areas in which a child develops are physical, cognitive, emotional, social, verbal, motor and sensory.  Our commitment is to give your child daily opportunities to develop in each of these areas.

Developmentally appropriate concepts are incorporated into all facets of our child care program.  Beginning with a suitable environment which promotes playing, learning, and discovering to the structured daily lesson plans that provide diverse opportunities for the children.

Your child will build a great foundation that will give them the advantage they deserve.

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Come meet the new owners!

Come meet the new owners Todd and Teresa Bahr. Teresa has a degree in elementary education and has experience in an array of child care settings.

She has a passion for children and loves working with families to ensure that each child reaches their greatest potential.

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