By being a Lead Teacher at Early Advantage, you will create a classroom environment full of learning opportunities and excitement. Each child will have you as their safe keeper and guide to all growth and learning moments. When utilizing the FrogStreet curriculum, you can teach throughout every part of your day, and hit all of the developmental domains with ease. Leading a classroom with effective classroom management will fill your cup with happiness and satisfaction.

  • Actively engage and monitor children while inside and outside; their safety is number one!
  • Build professional relationships with parents; share ideas, strategies, concerns with parents as
  • Provide quality, nurturing care to children enrolled in the program
  • Maintain a safe, clean, and healthy environment for children and staff
  • Maintain a cooperative attitude of working together with other staff
  • Encourage co-workers to provide insight on children, routine, lesson planning, etc.
  • Respond consistently and effectively to all needs of the children in your care
  • Actively engage and be an intentional teacher; model appropriate expectations to co-workers
  • Be responsible for your classroom; assist with cleaning duties and delegation of tasks in your
  • Establish and enforce classroom rules in accordance with Early Advantage & Licensing policies;
    become a role model and guide for the expectations
  • Promote social, emotional, physical, and educational skills in accordance with our curriculum.
  • Create weekly lesson plans that include social/emotional skills and educational domains
  • Arrange the classroom environment in an appropriate way. Maintain all required classroom
    items and equipment.
  • Complete bi-annual assessment of children’s development. Report the assessment of children to
    parents in bi-annual reports and through parent-teacher conferences
  • Identify children showing emotional, developmental, or health related concerns and
    communicate concerns
  • Accurately fill out and maintain daily roster, daily reports, accident/incident forms, medication
    logs, behavior documentation

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