Do you believe we are what we eat? If so, you know how important nutrition is.  Now imagine a little body that will more than quadruple in size in just five years.  How important would the food that little body eats be to their growth and development?  If you feel as passionate about children and nutrition as we do, we have the job for you.  We are looking for a caring health-conscious person to join our kitchen team, which provides our students with the important nutrition they need to be the best children they can be. 

You will play a critical part of planning, preparing and serving delicious nourishing meals to our amazing students and staff three times a day.  You will provide these individuals the nourishment required to have a busy day of play, discovery and growth.  In order to fulfill this mission some of your responsibilities will include maintaining a clean and safe work environment and practicing food safety policies.  We are excited to meet candidates that share our desire to positively impact the young children in our community.

  • Maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for all children and staff
  • Preparing high-quality food items according to recipes and instructions to meet individual
    classroom mealtimes
  • Respects and understands food allergies or family dietary preferencesProvides alternatives for allergies or family dietary preferences as needed
  • Prepare food carts for delivery by using correct portioning per age group of children
    Ensure that food is at correct temperature and is attractive and tasty
  • Responsible for record upkeep for daily refrigerator and freezer temperature checks
  • Cleans and sanitizes kitchen after preparation and serving. Maintain ambitious standards of cleanliness
  • Stores and/or discards of excess food in accordance with safe food-handling procedures
  • Keeps refrigerators and storerooms clean, orderly, and neat. Ensure all food and supply items
    are stored per standards
  • Operates and maintains kitchen equipment as instructed
  • Responsible for menu creation
  • Responsible for ordering menu items for weekly grocery shopping
  • Responsible for picking up food order and delivery of food to the center, ensure delivery of food is timely and that all items are accounted for. Vehicle provided by Early Advantage
  • Assists with laundry and additional cleaning responsibilities as needed
  • Food Safety Manager certification is preferred, but willing to train as needed

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