Early Advantage leverages technology in various aspects to enhance learning experiences, ensure safety and security, and facilitate communication with parents.

At Early Advantage Child Care, we recognize the importance of striking a balance between electronic devices and hands-on activities in early childhood education. While technology offers valuable learning opportunities, it’s equally essential for children to engage in tactile, sensory-rich experiences that promote physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. 

Technology for Child Learning:

By leveraging technology in key areas, we strive to provide children with the best possible learning experiences.

Technology for Child Learning - Early Advantage Child Care

Interactive Educational Apps:

We integrate interactive educational apps into our curriculum to make learning more engaging and dynamic for children. These apps cover a wide range of subjects, from literacy and numeracy to science and art, providing children with opportunities to explore and learn in a fun and interactive way.

Tablet-Based Activities:

Our classrooms are equipped with tablets that are loaded with educational content tailored to each age group. These tablets allow children to participate in age-appropriate activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. From interactive storybooks to math games, children have access to a wealth of educational resources at their fingertips.

Smartboards and Interactive Displays:

We use smartboards and interactive displays to bring lessons to life and facilitate group learning activities. These interactive tools allow teachers to incorporate multimedia elements into their lessons, making learning more immersive and interactive for children. Whether it’s watching educational videos or collaborating on digital projects, children benefit from a rich and dynamic learning environment.

Technology for Child Safety and Security:

At Early Advantage, safety is our top priority, and we leverage technology to create a secure environment for every child in our care. 

Technology for Child Safety and Security - Early Advantage Child Care

Modern Security Systems:

Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the premises. These cameras provide comprehensive coverage of indoor and outdoor areas, allowing us to monitor activity in real-time. Additionally, our security systems are equipped with motion sensors and night vision capabilities to detect any unauthorized access or suspicious behavior, even in low-light conditions.

Secure Access Control:

To control access to our facility, we use secure access control systems that require authorized credentials for entry. Parents and staff are issued unique access codes or key cards that grant them access to designated areas of the center. This ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the building, enhancing overall security and safety.

Emergency Notification Systems:

In the event of an emergency, such as severe weather or a medical incident, we utilize emergency notification systems to quickly communicate with parents and staff. These systems allow us to send out mass notifications via email, text message, or automated phone calls, providing timely updates and instructions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Secure Check-In/Check-Out:

Our secure check-in/check-out system helps us maintain accurate attendance records and ensures that children are released only to authorized individuals. Parents use unique access codes or key cards to sign their child in and out each day, providing an additional layer of security and accountability.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates:

We regularly review and update our security protocols to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure the ongoing safety of our children and staff. This includes conducting regular security audits, implementing new technologies, and providing training to staff members on security best practices.

Parent & Family Communications:

Communication is key and technology has opened doors for instant communication that has changed the landscape of childcare.

Parent & Family Communications - Early Advantage Child Care

Your privacy is another top priority and having secure communication platforms allows for another layer of safety for your child. 

Early Advantage Parent Portal:

We provide parents with access to a secure online parent portal where they can view important information about their child’s day, including daily activities, meals/snacks, nap times, and diaper changes. The parent portal also allows parents to communicate directly with their child’s teachers, ask questions, and receive updates in real-time.

Mobile Apps:

We offer mobile apps that parents can download to stay connected with the center while on the go. These apps provide convenient access to important information and updates, such as school announcements, event calendars, and photos/videos of their child’s activities. Parents can also use the app to communicate with teachers and administrators, making it easy to stay informed and involved in their child’s education.

Regular Email Updates:

In addition to the parent portal and mobile apps, we send out regular email updates to keep parents informed about upcoming events, curriculum highlights, and important announcements. These emails provide parents with valuable insights into their child’s learning experiences and help them stay engaged and involved in their child’s education journey.

Website Contact Availability

Our website is another source for information and communication. Our contact page is a way to get your questions answered or book a tour. 

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The Ever-Expanding Role of Technology in Child Care Centers 

At Early Advantage, we are always looking for ways that technology can enhance your child’s learning experience. 

We are excited to continue using technology and advanced child care curriculums to meet the unique needs of today’s childcare and help them develop in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Remember, you can always get in touch with us if you have any questions!