A Joyful December Break: Fun and Educational Holiday Activities for Your Children

There’s no place like home for the holidays, and beginning a holiday tradition at home can not only be fun and educational but also something children look forward to all year long.

As holiday break approaches for many children, families look forward to spending quality time together. Here at Early Advantage, we understand just how important it is to engage in activities with children during this festive season. With that in mind, let’s explore some fun and educational activities that parents can enjoy with little ones, catering to children ranging from infants to pre-K.

Here are some activities that could quickly become traditions. Indoor adventures and outdoor activities do more than just make the season special, they encourage learning and growing both inside and outside even when there is a chill in the air. 

Indoor Adventures

When the weather outside is frightful, nothing is more comforting than family. Try these indoor activities with your child over winter break, or use this list to come up with your own ideas. The sky is the limit!

Winter Wonderland Crafts

  • Snowflake Art for Infants:
    Start the holiday fun with a simple and safe craft for infants. Create beautiful snowflakes using soft materials, allowing little ones to explore textures and shapes.
  • Handprint Reindeer for Toddlers:
    Toddlers can get creative with handprint reindeer art. This craft not only produces adorable keepsakes but also encourages fine motor skill development.
  • Paper Plate Snowmen for Pre-K:
    Engage pre-K children in a more complex craft activity by making paper plate snowmen. This activity promotes creativity and coordination.

Storytime and Imaginative Play

  • Holiday-Themed Storybooks for Infants:
    Bond with your infant through holiday-themed storybooks. The soothing rhythm of your voice and colorful illustrations create a delightful experience.
  • Puppet Shows with Holiday Characters for Toddlers:
    Toddlers will love interactive puppet shows featuring holiday characters. This activity sparks their imagination and promotes language development.
  • Dramatic Play with a Holiday Twist for Pre-K:
    Encourage imaginative play in pre-K children by introducing holiday-themed scenarios. This helps develop creativity and social skills.

Baking and activities for children during holiday break - Early Advantage

Cooking Together

  • Simple and Safe Holiday-Themed Recipes for Infants:
    Create simple and safe holiday-themed recipes for infants. This could include festive purees or soft finger foods that are both nutritious and enjoyable.
  • Decorate-Your-Own Holiday Cookies for Toddlers:
    Toddlers can express their creativity by decorating their own holiday cookies. This hands-on activity enhances fine motor skills and adds a sweet touch to the holidays.
  • Cooking Class with Easy Recipes for Pre-K:
    Host a cooking class for pre-K children, featuring easy recipes they can actively participate in. This fosters independence and introduces them to basic cooking skills.

Music and Movement

  • Lullabies and Gentle Music for Infants:
    Set a soothing atmosphere with lullabies and gentle music for infants. This creates a calm and relaxing environment, perfect for bonding moments.
  • Holiday-Themed Dance Party for Toddlers:
    Toddlers can burn off energy with a holiday-themed dance party. Play cheerful tunes and encourage them to move and groove, promoting physical activity.
  • Carol Karaoke for Pre-K:
    Develop language skills and confidence in pre-K children with a carol karaoke session. This entertaining activity fosters a love for music and encourages self-expression.

Activities for all ages during winter break - Early Advantage

Outdoor Activities

Minnesota winters can be harsh. Taking opportunities to get outside in the fresh air can be important to a child’s bonding, growth, and development. 

General Tips for Outdoor Winter Activities:

  • Dress in Layers:
    Ensuring children are appropriately dressed for winter weather. You can read more about dressing in the winter for children here.
  • Stay Hydrated:
    Encouraging water consumption despite the cold.
  • Safety First:
    Providing supervision and maintaining safe play areas.

Fun in the Snow

  • Observing winter fun activities for infants:
    Infants can be bundled up to observe siblings or pets playing outdoors in the winter. Safe and warm, they see early on how outdoor play is a positive experience. 
  • Building small snowmen for toddlers:
    Great for hand dexterity and creativity. Small snowmen are manageable and fun but be sure to monitor your child’s warmth as the cold can be dangerous to extremities. 
  • Building more complex snow structures and sledding for Pre-K children:
    Larger snowmen, forts, and if you have a small hill, sledding are great activities for pre-K children. It is great exercise for body and mind. 

Arts and Crafts during winter break for kids - Early Advantage

Outdoor Challenge Fun

  • Fun-Find Adventure for toddlers:
    Searching for simple winter items like pinecones or twigs can be great fun for toddlers. Conversely, toys could be hidden around the yard to be discovered. 
  • A Scavenger Hunt for Pre-K children:
    Engaging in a more structured scavenger hunt with a checklist gives pre-K children a really fun activity that challenges their minds. Try making a list with clues to exercise their minds.

Winding Through a Winter Wonderland

  • Winter walks for infants:
    Bundle up your infant in warm layers and take a stroll in a winter wonderland. Keep the walk short and enjoyable and they can enjoy the sights and sounds of winter.
  • Simple obstacle course for toddlers:
    Small snow arches to crawl under, short runs, a small sledding run…putting together simple tasks creates an obstacle course toddlers will love. Play equipment like slides and small boxes to climb up add to the fun. 
  • More complex courses for pre-k children:
    Pre-K children will come up with many ideas for this activity once they see how it works. Set up a basic obstacle course and let your child help come up with ideas to add to it. 

cookie baking for children during a holiday break - Early Advantage

A wonderful opportunity for families to bond and create lasting memories. 

Early Advantage encourages parents to explore these diverse activities, tailored to the specific developmental needs of children from infants to pre-K. Remember, the most important aspect is the joy shared between parents and their little ones during this special season.

Hopefully, these fun ideas for the winter break help you and your child bond and help your child grow and develop. There are endless other activities that are possible and it is fun to develop them when your child has some time off during winter break. 

We look forward to seeing them soon and hearing about their adventures! Feel free to contact us with any questions and have a great winter break!