Our Staff

Ms. Teresa – Owner and Director68557090

As the creator, owner and director of Early Advantage Developmental Child Care Center, Teresa has had a passion for small children since she was very young. She enjoys their willingness to try new things and their excitement with learning.

Teresa starting working with children when she was a teenager and has not stopped since. When she was in high school she was instrumental in the creation of a weekly children’s club which is a program that has continued for years with many participants. While working on her degree in Elementary Education she found many opportunities to mentor children. Whether it was a one on one mentoring program or lead teacher of a toddler department in a large learning center, Teresa surrounded herself with educational experiences.

After gathering experience in an array of different teaching environments she decided to put her passion for young children and her dream of being a business owner together. She started a small, in-home child care business that offered families a place that would meet their child care needs and desires for an optimal learning experience for their young children. After gathering experience as a business owner and developing a business plan, Teresa and her husband Todd decided to take the next big step which was to move the business to a center environment. Together, they purchased an existing child care center and have completely remodeled the building and program. Teresa is now living her dream of owning and running her own early childhood education program.

Ms. Jenny – Assistant Director68557087

Education/ Experience

  • Graduated in May 2012 from RCTC with a Child Development Diploma.
  • Attended Winona State 2010-2011 for Early Childhood Education.
  • Worked in a child care center from September 2009 until August 2010.
  • Has been babysitting for 15 years.
  • Did volunteer work for a year and a half in a child care center.
  • Is certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • Has completed Child Passenger Safety training.

Personal Information

  • She started working with children in 6th grade, babysitting for friends of the family and her cousins.
  • She knew she wanted to work with children when she was in elementary school. She has two younger brothers that she helped her mom take care of.
  • She had an interest working with younger children, so she decided that teaching in a child care center would allow her exposure to a wide range of young children.
  • Some of her goals are to make sure the children are safe and that they feel secure, and also to see the children grow and develop into their own person and guide them along the way.
  • Working with children is truly her passion.

Ms. Rachel – Staff Supervisor 68557088












 Ms. Bonnie – Volunteer 68557092











Ms. Sheena – PreK Lead Teacher 68557059











Ms. Amanda – PreK Teacher68556819










Ms. Sherri – PreK Aide 68555901










Ms. Jen – Preschool Lead Teacher 68556816












Ms. Abby – Preschool Aide


Ms. Stacy – Toddler Lead Teacher


Ms. Patty – Toddler Aide


Ms. Ariana – Toddler Aide


Ms. Brittany – Wobbler Lead Teacher 68556422











Ms. Bethany – Infant Aide


Ms. Sarah – Floating Teacher


Ms. Kaylie – Floating Aide


Ms. Sande – Kitchen Staff68556606

Education/ Experience

  • Was a licensed day care provider from 1992 to 2008.
  • Worked in a preschool program from 2008 to 2010.
  • Worked as an activity coordinator from 2010 to 2012.
  • Has a Human Service Technician vocational degree.
  • Has completed Child Passenger Safety training.

Personal Information

  • Sandy has been involved with children her whole life. Her mother owned a day care for 20 years and Sandy was right next to her helping.
  • She was born with the instinct of wanting to work with children. Growing up she would tell her mom that she wanted to take care of kids just like her.
  • She owned her own day care for 16 years and loved it. When she moved to Byron she saw the child care center and she knew that she wanted to work with children again.
  • Her goal is to help the children feel safe and comforted while the parents are at work. To work together with her co-workers to ensure our center is an organized and clean environment and to make it a home away from home for the children.

Ms. Angela – Kitchen Staff and Floating Teacher

Education/ Experience 68556757

  • Graduated from RCTC with an AAS Degree in Child Development in May of 2010.
  • She has several different volunteer experiences working with children of different ages and in several different environments. She has volunteered for about 7 years.
  • Angela has also volunteered as a Sunday School teacher and nursery worker for the past 17 years.
  • She spent a year working in the kitchen at an elementary school severing food to the children.
  • She has taught in a home school setting since November 1994.
  • She worked with preschool children in a Head Start program for about a year. She assisted with meal times, getting the children off the bus, and other preschool responsibilities.
  • Is certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • Has completed Child Passenger Safety training.

Personal Information

  • She knew at a young age that she wanted to work with children. The love of her large family helped her decide that she wanted a career working with children.
  • When Angela was young she would tag along with her older sister while she babysat. She learned how to care for children.
  • Her passion for teaching started when she was helping her mom with home schooling. Then having a son of her own only furthered her desire to be around little ones. Angela spent some time working at a Head Start program where is loved the teaching environment. She then decided teaching young children is what she wanted to do.
  • One of her favorite things about teaching is coming up with different ideas for projects.